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Experience country living on the Great Ocean Road

Wombalano Country Retreat offers a genuine experience of 1950s farmhouse living with all its retro cosiness and simplicity as well as views of the undulating farmland, forests & the spectacular Shipwreck Coast.
We are well located halfway along both the Great Ocean Road and the Great Ocean Walk.
Discover the joys of country living in this spacious 3 bedroom house offering self contained accommodation for up to 12 people. Enjoy home cooking in the kitchen-dining room or bring the magnificence of this location into focus by sharing a meal in the bay window dining room that boasts views that literally take your breath away.
Endless pastures sloping seawards make for invigorating strolls & encounters with friendly horses or grazing sheep. Hear the sound of the distant waves & the feel of fresh ocean breezes invigorate the soul.
At Wombalano Country Retreat throw away the worries of modern life & enjoy the company of those you most value!

The Ocean                                                                The Road                                                                  The Walk                                                                  The Land

With its moderate temperatures & high rainfall, Yuulong is a haven for bush birds, birds of prey, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas & many others which flourish in these conditions. The nearby ocean is noted for schools of dolphins & pods of whales.
Our community has been drawn to live here by Yuulong's natural abundance & have demonstrated a commitment to looking after our environment both locally & globally. Many residents have their own solar powered hot water & electricity. Also many have replanted & managed our natural forests as part of a long term strategy for the encouragement of our flora & Fauna.
At Wombalano Country Retreat there is an open invitation to make an environmental contribution during your stay. Maybe help to nurture some young trees or learn about low carbon footprint holidays. Here we say 'have fun while making a difference.'
If you are going to stay somewhere else on the Great Ocean Road either before or after us then you could try either www.otwaysaccommodation.com.au or www.greatoceanroadaccommodation.directory.

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